October 14, 2008

Healthy Vending Continues to Be a Strong Growth Segment Says YoNaturals

In the midst of the worst economic recession since the 1920's, a few burgeoning industries are continuing to expand. Spurred by the incredible growth of the organic food industry, "healthy vending" is proving to be the fastest growing segment in the long established vending industry. Low-cost consumables seem to be virtually unaffected by the economic downturn, and the popularity of natural and organic products is spurring massive growth in this market sector.

During these times of economic woes, budgets are tightening, banks aren't lending and consumers aren't spending. The definition of a "necessity" is shrinking quickly for most people, and businesses are cringing at the sound of customers slamming shut their wallets. Yet certain industries seem virtually unaffected by the economic downturn, and still others are continuing to experience rapid growth. Among these resilient market sectors is "Healthy Vending Machines" which is a relative newcomer in this well-established industry and is continuing to grow exponentially.

The two biggest factors contributing to the expansion of organic and natural vending are the incredible growth of the organic food industry itself, and the increasing importance many Americans are placing on their health and diet. In the last two decades, organic food has grown from a $1 billion a year to an expected $23 billion a year industry in 2008, and this growth shows no sign of slowing. Despite rising food costs and the existing price differential between organic and non-organic foods, this loyal customer base consistently chooses health over budget.

This trend is also spurring changes in the vending industry; fueled by concern over American epidemics such as obesity and diabetes, schools, gyms, hospitals and other public places are carefully scrutinizing the effects of junk food and sodas on health, weight and other nutritional concerns. Most don't like what they see, and this has sparked a nationwide surge against junk food and soda in many public areas, which is causing sweeping changes in the ubiquitous vending industry.

"Vending has provided an ongoing and stable cash flow for decades," says Mark Trotter, CEO of YoNaturals Healthy Vending - http://www.yonaturals.com. "It's a tangible business that requires some effort, but people want healthy products, they want to snack, and slightly higher prices for these low-price goods are not affecting sales of these items."

The resiliency of the organic food customer base, coupled with the fact that low cost consumables do not seem to be affected by the depressed economy, tends to explain the rapid growth of this industry even in the difficult financial times that we are currently experiencing. In the third quarter of this year, YoNaturals entered a record breaking 22 new markets and is expecting to introduce its business to another 30 markets by the end of the fourth quarter.

"The combination of an established, profitable 'cash' business model and an evolving trend towards health has created a large window of opportunity for those looking to increase financial freedom in a time where there is little opportunity elsewhere," says Trotter.

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