October 14, 2008

AMIA Launches DPRC (TM) – Digital Patient Record Certification Examination and Study Guide

BETHESDA, Md., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- AMIA announced today the forthcoming launch of DPRC (TM) - Digital Patient Record Certification exam and study guide tailored specifically for healthcare workers and novice clinicians who must input, retrieve, and understand digital patient records that are contained in a health information system (HIS).

With concerns about patient safety and privacy at an all-time high and faced with the demands of an increasingly technology-driven healthcare environment, AMIA provides an opportunity to help health care organizations rather inexpensively train entry-level staff with the essential knowledge and skills needed to approach any electronic records having person-specific health data.

Despite the US being among the leaders in healthcare research and practice, few US organizations are investing in training and development, according to a September-2008 released study of Aon Consulting Worldwide. Industry experts estimate workforce and leadership development and systems implementation will require an investment of more than $1 trillion in the coming decades. With impending leadership transitions and talent shortages, organizations will need to take immediate action to manage infrastructure and business continuity.

The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 10 patients receiving hospital care will experience some form of unintended harm. Evidence-based technological innovations made possible with EHRs hold the promise of reducing the incidence of medical errors and unintended harm to patients while still reducing the costs. While not sufficient in and out of themselves, EHRs are nonetheless an essential technology for transforming the U.S. Health care system into a patient-centered care environment that is safe, effective, efficient, and transparent.

The launch of the DPRC certification exam emphasized the necessity for additional training resources and study materials for healthcare workers preparing for the exam. To meet this growing need, AMIA developed a study guide, A Study Guide for Current and Future Healthcare Workers, as a companion piece designed to familiarize candidates with the content areas covered on the exam. The study guide includes competency-specific learning objectives, a detailed overview of knowledge areas, sample questions, and exam reference information. Brian Gugerty, DNS, MS, RN, Gugerty Consulting, LLC, Don E. Detmer, MD, MA, AMIA President & CEO, and John Poikonen, PharmD authored the study guide. An AMIA team provided expertise for the exam/certification.

Drs. Gugerty, Poikonen, and Detmer will join pyschometrician and measurement professional, Michael Cappeto, CSPlacement, LLC and Marisa Wilson, Assistant Professor at University of Maryland School of Nursing for a panel presentation at the AMIA 2008 Annual Symposium, taking place in Washington, DC on November 8-14. As the premier forum for the exchange of innovative concepts related to biomedical and health informatics, the panel will discuss the background, history, development, validation, uses, and related issues of the ICDL-Health syllabus and DPRC exam and certification.

The DPRC exam and study guide will specifically help healthcare workers master the skills needed to work in an environment where protected health information -- all individually identifiable health information created, transmitted, received, or maintained by a healthcare entity -- are accessible on a computer screen. The DPRC certification is intended for anyone who has access to a keyboard with person-specific health information on it. This includes the spectrum of healthcare workers from clinical professionals, technicians, coders, compliance professionals, billers, and practice or clinic administrator among others.

Topics covered include a thorough overview of key attributes and constraints of patient records and HIS systems, current policy and procedural questions on legal documents and financial implications, and authentication, security, privacy and confidentiality. Questions also assess a candidate's knowledge of key data within a patient record, and key HIPAA concepts of electronic protected health information (PHI) as well as general areas covered under the Security Rule.

DPRC was developed by subject matter experts and experienced pyschometricians representing a diverse array of government, academic facilities and professional societies. It was further refined for the American environment by a group of AMIA clinical informaticians. Building on this collaborative work, AMIA and CSPlacement, LLC, a leading testing organization specializing in digital testing in conjunction with test developers and measurement professionals published the exam for public use. The examination is built upon the framework of the ICDL Health Syllabus based on prior work targeted for the US healthcare market.

The DPRC certification examination requires no IT investment. To get started, potential candidates need Internet access and a standard Web browser. The DPRC certification examination is hosted remotely at on a security-enabled network with systematic backups.

Product demonstrations and pilot testing requests can be submitted at the DPRC Certification Web site at: http://www.dprcertification.com/. Information concerning examination criteria, costs, fees, and other questions should be sent to or by e-mail at: [email protected] or by phone at: 301-657-1291. Visit AMIA.org for news and updates.

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