October 15, 2008

Doctations Offers TeleVox’s HouseCalls Automated Messaging System for Increased Medical Office Efficiency

Doctations, Inc., a unique Internet-enabled Healthcare Software as a Service, designed to improve collaboration among doctors and patients and TeleVox, a leading provider of communications solutions announced they have signed an Agreement to offer the Doctations.com physician customers automated messaging services. Under the agreement, the Doctations online medical system will offer TeleVox's automated messaging technology, HouseCalls, as a service to their customers. TeleVox's technology gives medical offices an automated, customized way to call patients to confirm appointments and provide other doctor-patient communications more efficiently.

Doctations focus is on Internet-enabled digital medical records (iDMR) and automation of physician offices using outsourced services. TeleVox HouseCalls' has a proven track record that improves appointment no-show rates and increases the bottom line. TeleVox has a great and long-standing reputation in the medical industry, and through this affiliation, Doctations can offer their services to the growing network of physician users, with yet another compelling offering to increase office productivity and efficiency, while significantly reducing the cost of services.

Televox's hosted technology, HouseCalls services over 14,000 clients in healthcare and other commercial markets. HouseCalls allows doctor's office staff to create customized appointment confirmation messages using their own voices. The advanced messaging system notifies each patient of an upcoming appointment and allows the patient to choose from multiple response options, such as confirming the appointment or leaving a return message for office staff. At the end of each day, the HouseCalls system provides detailed call reports to measure the success of calling efforts. The service has proven to minimize missed appointments and boost revenues for physician practices. The automation helps eliminate manual calling processes from front office staff that is both costly and time consuming.

Doctations' system is collaboratively used by healthcare providers, patients, doctors and service providers to provide a highly secure, easy-to-use group of services that facilitate communication between doctor and patient. DocPatientNetwork.com securely connects healthcare providers, patients, doctors, medical transcriptionists, medical billers and others through a secure platform for HIPAA-compliant communication and information exchange. The technology fits into existing electronic medical practice systems, requires no software purchase by the doctor or the patient, and uses world-class data security and password-protected gateways. DocPatientNetwork.com works with popular Internet browsers including Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox, running on Microsoft Windows, Linux or Apple systems.

TeleVox's HouseCalls is available now as a service through Doctations and is priced based on outbound call volume.

About Doctations, Inc.

Doctations(TM) Inc., is a company dedicated to creating innovative new, internet-based means of transacting healthcare. The goal is to make healthcare more accessible to patients, and to substantially improve the process of generating medical documentation in all venues of healthcare: the physician's private office, the physician group's office, the ambulatory surgery center, and hospitals. We bring users the benefit of electronic medical records without the burden or expense of difficult-to-use software. We also believe that free-market forces with appropriate government regulation is the best means of achieving improved doctor-patient relationships have concluded that the internet provides an excellent means for achieving this vision and for catalyzing change that will improve healthcare for patients and doctors. For more information, please visit: www.doctations.com.

About TeleVox

TeleVox Software, Inc., an affiliate of West Interactive Corporation, is a leading provider of communication solutions for the healthcare industry. With 16 years of experience, TeleVox offers a full range of products, including outbound messaging and inbound IVR applications. Supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure, TeleVox solutions resolve time-consuming communication issues associated with appointment reminders, patient notifications and patient inquiry. TeleVox has a worldwide presence in over 14,000 practices and organizations and delivers millions of messages weekly via telephone and the Internet.