October 15, 2008

Mirixa Signs Licensing and Consulting Agreement With Pharmacy Guild

Mirixa, a provider of pharmacy-based patient care services, and healthlinks.net, a subsidiary of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, have signed a definitive technology licensing and business consulting agreement, paving the way for the use of MirixaPro in Australia's pharmacies nationwide.

Mirixa Australia, a newly formed business venture, will be operated by the Guild's healthlinks.net subsidiary. Under the agreement, Mirixa, which is sponsored by the National Community Pharmacists Association, will adapt and license its widely used web-based software, MirixaPro, for use by pharmacies in Australia.

Additionally, Mirixa's success and leadership in enabling patient care services, through its US network of 46,000 contracted pharmacies, will be leveraged by the Guild as it builds its Australian national program. The Guild will initially deploy Mirixa technology and services to facilitate improved medication adherence and outcomes via programs that harness the power of the pharmacist-patient relationship.

Rick Solano, CEO of Mirixa, said: "We foresee a bright future of collaboration with the Guild, and look forward to demonstrating the clear value that community pharmacy brings to improving the safety, quality and effectiveness of patient care worldwide."