October 15, 2008

GoTrybe.Com Raises Awareness With World Diabetes Day Blue Photo Contest

GoTrybe.com is asking families to send in their best "blue photo" in honor of World Diabetes Day, which is held on Nov. 14, worldwide. GoTrybe, the first completely interactive health and fitness Web site for young people, invites children and families to take pictures of family members, pets and friends engaged in a blue activity, and send the best photo via www.GoTrybe.com/blog anytime between now and Nov. 14.

The World Diabetes Day symbol is a blue circle and was adopted in 2007 with the passage of the United Nations World Diabetes Day Resolution. Across cultures, a circle symbolizes life, health and unity. For World Diabetes Day, the blue circle symbolizes a global community uniting to combat the diabetes pandemic.

"The blue circle is the basis for our contest," says GoTrybe Vice President of Creative Development Robert Baggett. "Using the circle's color, GoTrybe is happy to accept any creative ideas. I've had children tell me they're going to paint a blue picture, build a blue structure or dress up in a crazy blue outfit. There's really no wrong way to approach it."

The most creative photo entry will receive a prize, which will include a special blog post on the GoTrybe youth and parent blogs. More information regarding photo entries can be found on www.GoTrybe.com/blog, and all photos received will be posted online.

"We want to hold a fun honorary World Diabetes Day event to raise awareness of diabetes," says Baggett. "Since the WDD theme this year is 'Children and Adolescents,' and since GoTrybe was started with a mission to combat childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes, this campaign is a perfect fit for the message we're trying to get to children, parents, teachers and the public."

The International Diabetes Federation and World Health Organization declared World Diabetes Day in 2007 to raise public awareness of diabetes and related complications, as well as its prevention and care. The date is in commemoration of Frederick Banting, who with Charlie Best, discovered the use of insulin on November 14, 1921.

"Diabetes is one of the most common chronic childhood diseases," says Dr. Chris Downs, cardiologist and GoTrybe founding partner. "GoTrybe wants to take this day to make families aware of the importance of early diagnosis and education, because that's what World Diabetes Day is all about this year."

GoTrybe is an online, interactive, social community for children with fitness workouts, nutritional and wellness information, motivational materials and interactive games. GoTrybe's mission is to combat childhood obesity and type II diabetes and promote general health education, as well as turn sedentary screen time into active screen time(TM).

For more information on World Diabetes Day, visit www.worlddiabetesday.org.

For more information on GoTrybe, visit www.GoTrybe.com.