October 16, 2008

Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital Chooses ARAMARK Healthcare To Provide Support Services

Under a five year agreement, ARAMARK Healthcare today announced that it has been selected to provide food, facilities management, clinical technology, patient transport and environmental services at Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver, CO. To foster greater continuity and efficiency for hospital physicians, nurses, patients and visitors, these services are coordinated through a dedicated onsite call center, managed by ARAMARK Healthcare.

"We are proud to have the opportunity to partner with a healthcare institution as well-respected as Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital," said John Babiarz, Group President, ARAMARK Healthcare. "We are committed to aligning the support service functions with Exempla's mission, to help them reach higher levels of employee, patient and nursing satisfaction, service excellence and operational efficiency."

Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital chose ARAMARK Healthcare as its support service partner because of its ability to improve outcomes through its Impact in Action business strategy. Impact in Action is based on four pillars: People, Service, Operational Quality and Growth & Financial. These pillars were designed to create a unique approach to support service delivery by adapting Studer Group principles with the company's own clinical support services.

Every aspect of Impact in Action focuses on creating connectivity and performance measurement. A core set of Impact in Action annual and long-term standardized operating goals have been established with Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital and will be measured using service-specific Monthly Scorecard applications, along with 90-Day Planning activities.

To help reach the agreed upon outcomes, Impact in Action incorporates many of the Studer Group's "prescriptive" behaviors. These behaviors, referred to within ARAMARK Healthcare as I Impact behaviors, include "Rounding," where managers have structured conversations with employees and hospital stakeholders (such as nurses) to engage and develop relationships, determine what is and is not working, and identify follow-up actions as appropriate. Support service employees and staff, along with entire departments, who demonstrate outstanding service also are recognized with "Thank You Notes" that call out specific activities and behaviors that contribute to patient outcomes. Additionally, employees are trained to use "Key Words at Key Times" during patient interactions, which are designed to help support service staff to communicate consistently in stressful environments where patient anxiety is high.

"We are confident that ARAMARK Healthcare's goal oriented approach will help us to improve our patient satisfaction and throughput outcomes and advance our organization to a new level of service," said Brad Ludford, Vice President of Finance for Exempla Hospital.

Impact in Action is engineered around ARAMARK Healthcare's approach to nutrition and food services, environmental services, patient transportation, clinical technology, and facility services. To facilitate collaboration between departments and ensure consistent alignment with the processes and systems that are introduced, ARAMARK Healthcare deployed one of its organizational development experts on site at Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital.

"Our support services - from housekeeping to food services to patient transport to clinical technology - are designed to make best care, best environments possible for our clients, nurses, physicians, and visitors alike," said Babiarz. "Every aspect of our Impact in Action strategy is about creating engagement and alignment between our support services and the operations of our hospital partners to impact the entire patient experience."

About ARAMARK Healthcare

ARAMARK Healthcare is a leader in providing best-in-class support services that are essential to healthcare delivery. Understanding that clinical excellence and the environment are interdependent, ARAMARK Healthcare directly impacts the entire healthcare continuum - patient, employee, nurse and physician satisfaction, operational efficiency and service excellence. Through its facility, food and clinical technology services, ARAMARK Healthcare helps more than 1,000 hospitals and senior living facilities deliver the optimal experience for patients and residents, their families, and the physicians, nurses and staff who care for them. For more information, visit http://www.aramarkhealthcare.com.