October 16, 2008

Akorn Launches Topical Anesthetic Ophthalmic Drug

Akorn, a provider of sterile specialty pharmaceuticals, has commercially launched Akten gel 3.5%, a topical ocular anesthetic ophthalmic drug product.

According to the company, Akten represents the first FDA approved drug product indicated for use as an ocular anesthetic in four decades.

Akten is the only approved ocular gel formulation that also contains the highest concentration of lidocaine. Akten can also be used as a local anesthetic indicated for ocular surface anesthesia during ophthalmologic procedures, the company said.

Akten will be marketed by Akorn's 65 member sales team, who will detail ophthalmologists located in hospitals, surgery centers and private physician offices.

Arthur Przybyl, president and CEO of Akorn, said: "I believe that Akten will become the standard of care whenever an ocular anesthetic is required. Akten represents a new horizon in ocular anesthesia. The benefits of Akten are important to consider whenever an ocular procedure is necessary."