October 16, 2008

AstraZeneca and Columbia University Medical Center Form Collaboration

AstraZeneca and Columbia University Medical Center have announced a new research collaboration to examine how neurogenesis - the creation of new neuronal cells - in adults might offer novel approaches to treating depression and anxiety.

This new alliance with Columbia University Medical Center is one of several new alliances by AstraZeneca with academic and research institutions to address unmet medical needs through research across several disease areas, including Alzheimer's disease, chronic pain and psychiatric illnesses.

These proposed new agreements complement existing AstraZeneca alliances in neuroscience and other key therapeutic areas with institutions like Columbia. AstraZeneca & Columbia University Medical Center have previously announced strategic research collaboration in the area of metabolic disease.

Jeffrey Lieberman, chairman of Columbia's department of psychiatry, said: "This collaboration is one example of a partnership aimed at new approaches to better treatment options in psychiatry. Medication therapy is part of a comprehensive treatment plan for those with mental illness and truly innovative, science-based, targeted therapies are desperately needed for those who are still today one of our most vulnerable patient populations."