October 16, 2008

Dr. Bryan Bledsoe Named a “Hero of Health and Fitness” By Men’s Health Magazine

Bryan Bledsoe, D.O., F.A.C.E.P., a Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, has been named one of "Twenty Heroes of Health and Fitness" by Men's Health magazine. The article is the cover story in the magazine's 20th anniversary collector's issue that recently published. In addition to Dr. Bledsoe, the article also pays tribute to Barack Obama, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods and 16 others.

Dr. Bledsoe, called "The Rescuer" in the feature, was selected for his untiring work in pointing out safety issues and excessive use of medical helicopters in the United States. Thus far in 2008, there have been 14 medical helicopter crashes resulting in 29 deaths and multiple injuries.

"The award and recognition is certainly a surprise and an honor," said Dr. Bledsoe. "But I hope it brings public attention to the critical state of helicopter ambulance operations in our country. We have lost way too many EMS professionals and patients and something has to be done and it has to be done now."

Dr. Bledsoe is a board-certified emergency physician and a member of the Department of Emergency Medicine at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. A former EMT, paramedic, and flight paramedic, Dr. Bledsoe is the author of numerous EMS educational textbooks and has nearly 1 million books in print. He is an active researcher and has written several scholarly studies on helicopter EMS.

Dr. Bledsoe was recently named a "Hero of Emergency Medicine" by the American College of Emergency Physicians. A native Texan, he divides his time between Las Vegas, Nevada and Midlothian, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

Men's Health magazine is published by Rodale Press of Emmaus, Pennsylvania. Rodale is a global media company with a heritage, mission and authority dedicated to the health and wellness of the individual, community and planet. Men's Health has a readership of approximately 2 million.

For more information on Dr. Bledsoe, visit http://www.bryanbledsoe.com/about.