October 21, 2008

NMS Forms New Antibody Drug Discovery Alliance With Genentech

Nerviano Medical Sciences, an oncology-focused, integrated discovery and development company, has signed a new multi-year agreement with oncology company Genentech. The two companies will collaborate in the discovery of antibody drug conjugates for the development of potential anticancer agents.

This new research agreement is the second collaboration agreement signed between Genentech and Nerviano Medical Sciences (NMS) in less than 12 months. Terms of the multi-year collaboration include an initial one-time-license-fee, milestones and royalties for licensed products as well as milestones on a target-by-target basis.

Genentech will have the exclusive license to fully develop and commercialize licensed products that contain such antibody drug conjugates. During the research program, NMS will be primarily responsible for synthesizing and manufacturing drug reagents, while Genentech will generate antibody drug conjugates with such drug reagents and further evaluate their potential therapeutic utility. Further details and financial terms were not disclosed.

Giampiero Duglio, CEO of NMS, said: "With this new collaboration we are very pleased to enhance our collaboration with Genentech and to extend it in the field of antibody drug conjugates, an area where biologics and small molecules meet to generate very potent targeted therapies. I believe that Nerviano's expertise in the discovery of potent small molecules may contribute to innovative and valuable products for the oncology market."