October 22, 2008

Essent Healthcare to Use Picis LYNX E/Point in All Hospital Emergency Departments

LYNX Medical Systems, Inc., a Picis company, today announced an agreement with Essent Healthcare to install LYNX E/Point(TM), the industry's leading emergency department (ED) facility charging tool, across all of the organization's five hospitals. E/Point will promote compliant charging for what is currently 105,000 annual ED visits. Additionally, by using E/Point's acuity-based methodology, Essent Healthcare will see a more accurate picture of the resources used and services provided in its EDs.

"We chose E/Point to help us enhance our overall ED compliance at our acute care facilities," stated Miro Boyanov, director of financial operations for Essent Healthcare. "The fact that more than 16 percent of ED visits in the United States are processed through E/Point speaks volumes to the proven performance and reliability of the product, giving us the confidence to implement it system-wide."

E/Point is a software solution that assists in the ED facility charging process. Its acuity-based methodology produces a consistent, compliant facility visit level charge assignment, reflecting patient acuity, services provided and resources used. Additionally, E/Point establishes an audit trail for each charge assigned.

"The application of E/Point will align Essent's resource use with the services provided in its EDs, making for not only a more compliant charge capture process, but also increasing the opportunity to realize all appropriate revenue," said Mike DeTolla, senior vice president for LYNX Medical Systems.

To learn more about E/Point, visit www.lynxmed.com/software/epoint.html or download a free E/Point online trial at www.lynxmed.com/software/epoint/free-online-trial.html.

About Essent Healthcare

Essent Healthcare owns and operates hospitals that are essential parts of their communities. From Haverhill and Ayer, Massachusetts and Waynesburg, Pennsylvania to Paris, Texas and Sharon, Connecticut, each community we serve is unique. We work with local physicians, healthcare professionals and civic leaders to determine the hospital services most needed in that community. By working together, we provide extraordinary care and great patient service in a hospital that the community can be proud to call its own.

About LYNX Medical Systems, Inc.

LYNX Medical Systems, Inc., a Picis company, drives value in emergency medicine through industry leading revenue management solutions that promote financial health and compliance. LYNX software and services help health systems and hospitals improve emergency department (ED) clinical documentation, improve coding compliance, and promote accurate and consistent code assignment for appropriate reimbursement. LYNX clients maintain a consistent, documented and repeatable return on investment. Currently, LYNX serves more than 400 healthcare organizations, representing more than 18 million annual ED encounters.

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