October 23, 2008

StemCor Signs Development Agreement With Hospira

StemCor Systems, a medical device company, has signed an agreement with Hospira, a specialty pharmaceutical and medication delivery company, to develop and commercialize StemCor's proprietary system for the harvest of bone marrow.

StemCor will develop the system for Hospira, and Hospira will manage the clinical trial program, leading to commercialization. The system has 510(k) clearance from the FDA and CE Mark in Europe, and Hospira plans to initiate post-approval clinical use studies in early 2009 to support product launch thereafter.

Under the agreement, Hospira will market the device to oncologists, hematologists and other physicians specializing in bone marrow transplantation.

Andrew Robbins, director of strategy and ventures at Hospira, said: "This agreement is a step forward as Hospira seeks to provide innovative products for the oncology market. Hospira is excited to provide a new device to facilitate bone marrow harvest, with the goal of improving the donor experience."