October 23, 2008

Infinity Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Preclinical Data From Cancer Study

Infinity Pharmaceuticals, a cancer drug discovery and development company, has announced preclinical data demonstrating anti-tumor activity with IPI-493, the company's oral heat shock protein 90 inhibitor.

In preclinical studies, IPI-493 potently inhibits heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) and has strong pharmaceutical properties in vitro and in vivo, including selectivity for cancer cells over normal cells, as well as high oral bioavailability, the company said.

Moreover, IPI-493 showed significant anti-tumor activity in multiple xenograft models. Notably, Infinity presented evidence of significant dose-dependent inhibition of tumor growth in a xenograft model of human-derived non-small cell lung cancer, with tumor regression seen at higher doses.

Infinity has also demonstrated the biochemical, cellular, and in vivo properties of its geldanamycin derived inhibitors IPI-504 and IPI-493 compared to a number of fully synthetic Hsp90 inhibitors also in clinical development.

When tested against a broad panel of cancer cell lines, IPI-504 and IPI-493 demonstrated a competitive mix of pharmacological properties, including potent cell growth inhibition against a broad range of cancer cells, selectivity for cancer cells over normal cells, and pharmacodynamic activity in vivo.

Vito Palombella, vice president of drug discovery at Infinity, said: "These data further underscore Infinity's commitment to R&D in Hsp90 inhibition. The potency and selectivity seen to date with our novel lead candidate IPI-504 and with IPI-493, its oral complement, illustrate the advantages of geldanamycin derivatives, and position Infinity at the forefront of this exciting area of cancer research."