October 24, 2008

Third Brain Surgery for Ballestros

Retired professional golf legend Seve Ballestros has undergone a third surgery on a cancerous brain tumor.

Doctors at La Paza hospital in Madrid had performed two other surgeries since Ballesteros collapsed Oct. 6 at a local airport and the third was called "successful."

Doctors had said before Friday's procedure that it was necessary to remove the remainder of the tumor and relieve pressure on Ballesteros' brain.

In a statement, the hospital said the tumor affects cells that cover and protect and nervous system cells in the brain and spinal cord and is in a hard to reach location.

"The targets planned have been achieved and have eliminated the oedema and the remnants of the tumor," doctors said after the six-hour operation led by chief brain surgeon Javier Heredero. "The patient is stable... and is currently under observation in the intensive care unit."