October 27, 2008

Film Renews Health Talk of N. Korea’s Kim

Video of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il's oldest son in Paris apparently meeting with a top brain surgeon has reignited concerns about the leader's health.

The videotape, made by a Japanese television station, shows a man identified by North Korea watchers as "undoubtedly" Kim Jong Nam as he entered a health clinic in Paris, The Times of London reported Monday.

The precise date of the videotape wasn't known but some time later, a doctor was filmed arriving at Charles De Gaulle airport in a car owned by the North Korean mission and he reportedly didn't deny that Pyongyang was his destination.

Speculation about Kim Jong Il's health emerged after he didn't attend a key anniversary parade in September.

North Korea has condemned reports about the ill health of its leader as a "whopping lie," and recently denounced Japanese newspapers for reporting North Korea was preparing a major announcement regarding Kim's health.