October 28, 2008

Allocade Announces First Commercial Installation of On-Cue(TM) at Peninsula Medical Center

Allocade, Inc., a developer of innovative healthcare informatics solutions, announced today that it has installed its first commercial On-Cue(TM) system at Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame, Calif. The company began selling its commercial product in January 2008, and the installation at Peninsula Medical Center is the first of seven sites Allocade plans to complete by the end of 2008.

On-Cue is a software solution that enables hospitals to reclaim their unused capacity. Allocade has taken technology developed to manage work on the Hubble Space Telescope and has applied it to organizing hospital workflow.

"By simplifying the rescheduling process, On-Cue allows our caregivers to be more responsive to patients," said Jeff Gerard, regional executive officer for Sutter Health. "Instead of using a pen and paper to schedule and reschedule appointments, the technology helps us make real-time adjustments as conditions change throughout the day."

Installation planning began at Peninsula Medical Center in April 2008 and went live in late July, with expansion into the Emergency Department in September. The CT department in radiology stopped paper scheduling within the first day-and-a-half of use and saw a significant reduction in outpatient wait time in the first month of use. Peninsula Medical Center is an affiliate of Sutter Health, one of the nation's leading not-for-profit networks of community-based healthcare providers in more than 100 Northern California communities.

"Both patient and employee satisfaction are on the rise thanks in part to the streamlined rescheduling process," said Keith Schoenbachler, lead CT technologist at Peninsula Medical Center. "Patients are pleased because wait times have been reduced and employees are no longer hampered by an ineffective system."

Allocade's first beta test site installation took place in late 2006 at California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in San Francisco, which is also an affiliate of Sutter Health. Once testing was completed, On-Cue became a permanent installation and was expanded to the Emergency Department. Clinicians at CPMC report that since the adoption of On-Cue, the radiology department has increased its CT procedure volume by 12 percent, with a reduction in overtime of 30 percent and a reduction in CT backlog from two weeks down to one day. In addition, CPMC's staff reports a reduction in the amount of time spent on the phone coordinating patient data from 40 minutes to less than 15 minutes.

On-Cue is also installed in CPMC's Emergency Department, which has allowed the CT staff to be more responsive to urgent cases and it has helped to dramatically improve overall performance. Currently, the medical center plans to expand On-Cue to other radiology modalities throughout the hospital.

"Because hospitals typically operate in a chaotic environment with inpatients, outpatients and emergency patients all vying for the same resources, delays and schedule changes can occur throughout the course of the day," said Rick Smith, president and CEO for Allocade. "On-Cue is a dynamic re-scheduling software application designed to help hospital departments better manage the frequent interruptions and schedule changes and, as a result, maximize resource capacity, reduce operating costs and improve the overall patient experience."

The genesis of the On-Cue technology comes from NASA, where Allocade's Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Don Rosenthal, worked as a leading computer scientist within the Artificial Intelligence Application Group at the NASA Ames Research Center. The underlying On-Cue engine is the result of Rosenthal's work to optimally utilize the limited resources on the Hubble Space Telescope.

To view additional customer testimonials regarding On-Cue, please visit http://www.allocade.com/successstories.html.

About Allocade

Allocade, headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif., was founded in 2004 to develop a solution that effectively addresses patient flow management in hospitals while accommodating the continuous disruptions that occur hourly. The company's management team includes former top executives from Siemens Medical Systems, Philips Medical Systems, Winster, Acuson Corporation, Sierra OnLine, Stentor, Inzap and the NASA Ames Research Center. For more information, visit www.allocade.com.

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