October 29, 2008

Cal-Bay International Shareholders to Receive Stock Dividend in Newly Formed Subsidiary

Cal-Bay International, Inc (PINKSHEETS: CBAY) -- The Company today announced Cal-Bay International common stock shareholders will receive fifty restricted dividend shares in the new subsidiary corporation for every million shares of Cal-Bay International, Inc (PINKSHEETS: CBAY) held of record as of the close of business on November 21st 2008. The dividend shares are expected to be eligible for trading by mid 2009.

Cal-Bay announced the company was in the process of forming a wholly owned subsidiary corporation due to the increased demand for the development & construction of the installation centers for the commercial Hybridization contract in North America and Europe. Additionally Bionic Products, Inc (PINKSHEETS: BNPD) requested Cal-bay to locate several new west coast warehouse locations for the distribution of the rapidly expanding "Bionic Products" healthy line of six new energy drinks, boosters and vitamin supplements for all ages and genders.

Melinda Rice of Cal-Bay International, Inc. commented "A stock dividend in the new corporation for Cal-Bay shareholders of record seems an appropriate action with the current growth and expansion opportunities that have been awarded to Cal-Bay."

Cal-Bay International, Inc. is in the process of forming the subsidiary corporation to accommodate the increased demand for the Warehousing, Distribution and Installation Centers for both the US and International marketplace.

The accelerated overseas "Emission Reductions Program" has been significantly increased in the UK and Germany, along with additional time sensitive mandates for the remaining EEC Countries. In the USA, the California Air Resources Board is taking a major role in "Big Rig" truck emissions reduction as per related article in the Los Angeles Times October 24th 2008. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-trucks25-2008oct25,0,3204314.story

Cal-Bay's newly formed subsidiary "Cal-Bay USA, Inc." will exchange roles with the existing Cal-Bay International, Inc., whereas Cal-Bay USA, Inc. will oversee the US and North American Installation & Leasing Contracts and Cal-Bay International, Inc. will oversee all of the European and Asian development and leasing contracts. Both companies are expected to be fully reporting during the first quarter of 2009.

Cal-Bay International and its subsidiaries were recently awarded the exclusive worldwide contracts for the development, construction and leasing revenues of the installation and training certification centers by the Southern California based Hydrogen Hybridization Company. The Hybrid company was recently awarded an executive order from The California Air Resources Board approving their Hydrogen device for commercial applications. The California Air Resources Board is considered one of the most stringent air pollution control organizations in the world.

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