October 29, 2008

Canadians Warned to Avoid Eros Fire

Health Canada is warning against people not to use "Eros Fire," a product promoted to enhance sexual performance, due to a health risk.

The federal agency said Eros Fire might contain xanthoanthrafil (also known as benzamidenafil), which isn't indicated on the label and not authorized for use in Canada.

"Little information is available about this substance, including its safety when used in humans," Health Canada said in a statement. "It likely shares similar properties with known prescription drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction and may pose similar serious health risks, especially in patients with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart problems, those who may be taking heart medications or those who may be at risk for strokes.

"Since little information about this new substance is available, there may be additional serious health risks associated with the use of Eros Fire," Health Canada added.

Eros Fire is labeled as manufactured by Woodbolt Distribution of Oregon, and distributed by Nutrition Excellence of Burlington, Ontario. The recalled product may be available nationwide and over the Internet, officials said.