October 29, 2008

GenerationOne Mobile Health Solution Selected for Connected Health Symposium Innovator Spotlight

GenerationOne, Inc. has unveiled its Mobile Health Solution, the first fully integrated, end-to-end mobile platform designed for management of chronic conditions and wellness. GenerationOne made this announcement at Partners Center for Connected Health 5th Annual Connected Health Symposium in Boston, Mass.

"GenerationOne's Mobile Heath Solution closes the gaps in traditional disease management and prevention programs. We leverage advanced wireless technology and clinical decision support to deliver real-time alerts and interventions and establish an always-on connection between patients, clinicians and caregivers," said Jeffrey Wolf, CEO, GenerationOne. "It is an honor to unveil our fully integrated mobile solution for collaborative care before industry leaders who are working together to transform healthcare by delivering the tools patients need to become truly engaged in the management of their health and wellness."

GenerationOne was selected to showcase its healthcare solution during the Symposium's Innovator Showcase. Don Rosen, Chief Technology Officer, GenerationOne, demonstrated how, by using advanced scripts and disease management protocols co-developed with leading U.S. medical and academic institutions, the Mobile Health Solution guides and monitors individuals throughout their daily routines. Rosen highlighted how the GenerationOne solution was designed for ease-of-use by consumers, providing them with just-in-time health information and reminders customized to their specific needs and conditions.

The GenerationOne Mobile Health Solution alerts individuals to take medications or perform other prescribed activities like testing blood glucose or blood pressure. The results of these actions are then collected wirelessly from medical devices and/or through mobile phone interactions with individuals. The information is automatically analyzed and stored in online personal health records.

GenerationOne's proprietary technology enables pre-set triggers that are programmed to determine if the GenerationOne On-Call Nursing Service, or an authorized physician or caregiver, should be alerted.

GenerationOne's flexible technology platform allows health plans and employers to launch the Mobile Health Solution as a new program or integrate it into existing disease management and wellness programs to drive improved results. Services can be delivered through GenerationOne's specially-designed health phone, which is optimized for transmission of health information, or integrated with consumers' existing compatible phones. Packages available through GenerationOne's robust voice and data network can be tailored to include incentives to drive consumer adoption and regular use of the Mobile Health Solution.

About GenerationOne, Inc.

Based in Miami, Fla., GenerationOne (www.generationone.com) leverages advanced mobile technologies and clinical decision support to provide an end-to-end solution that provides multi-directional communications and timely access to critical information that enables physicians, caregivers, families and patients to collaborate for better health management. The company's wireless health management system is a flexible suite of components, including the GenerationOne mobile phone, which is optimized for delivery of health information, a web-based control center and notification, voice and data services that can be customized to monitor a wide range of disease and wellness conditions. This allows providers, payers, employers and others responsible for managing the delivery and cost of healthcare to work with patients and consumers to integrate interactive, targeted health management tools and information services into their daily routines. By delivering real-time interventions and always-on decision support, GenerationOne's mobile healthcare solution results in more efficient healthcare delivery and improved patient outcomes.