October 29, 2008

Hospitals Nationwide Adopt Breakthrough I.V. Dose Preparation Technology to Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Costs

ForHealth Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in hospital pharmacy I.V. room automation technology, announced today that it has seen a dramatic increase in demand from leading hospitals across the United States for its breakthrough I.V. Room automation products. The company's backlog of orders for its IntelliFill i.v. (TM) high-speed robotic I.V. dose preparation system has hit a record high, and hundreds of US hospitals have committed to utilize IntelliFlowRx(TM) in the product's first year. The company also announced that due to substantial material cost increases, it will increase prices for IntelliFill i.v. effective December 1. Equipment prices will increase by approximately 6%, and annual service fees will increase by approximately 9%.

"Our products have proven themselves by preparing over 24 million patient doses in hospitals all over the US. Leading US hospitals clearly prefer ForHealth's I.V. room solutions," said Steve Thomas, Chairman and CEO, ForHealth Technologies. "ForHealth has 10 years of experience, and we were the first company to focus exclusively on I.V. room automation, first to market with a high-speed robotic system for preparing I.V. doses, first to market with a complete workflow automation solution for the I.V. room, and first to market with a fully contained solution for preparing chemotherapy I.V. doses, IntelliFillChemo."

A complete product line sets ForHealth apart:

"Automation in the I.V. room is a pronounced improvement over the outdated mixing habits of the past," said Maria A. Summa, PharmD, BCPS, Director of Pharmacy, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Hartford, CT. "Automation optimizes our efficiency and accuracy, and that benefits both our patients and hospital operations with a classic win/win outcome."

IntelliFill i.v. is the first high-speed robotic system to automate the compounding and labeling of intravenous medication doses in syringes with a combination of accuracy, reliability, and speed not possible using manual processes.

"One of IntelliFill i.v.'s biggest safety features is the ability to track right down to the vial and lot number that is used to prepare the medication syringe for a patient," said Barbara McNiff, Director of Pharmacy, Crouse Hospital, Syracuse, NY. "This technology not only has benefited nurses administering the medication, but has improved processes in the pharmacy I.V. room as well."

IntelliFlowRx manages and tracks every I.V. dose. Complete visibility of every dose eliminates the most common causes of lost doses, missed doses, expensive dose 're-makes,' and time-consuming searches for missing doses, while streamlining all dose compounding and checking processes. Using IntelliFlowRx, pharmacists and I.V. room technicians are better able to focus on patient care and safety, while hospitals save money through reduction in drug waste, elimination of disruptions to search for doses, and improved overall I.V. room efficiency.

"IntelliFlowRx has enabled us to avoid errors and provides an audit trail so we can always look back at what we produced," said Toni Covato, Director of Pharmacy, Flagler Hospital, St. Augustine, FL. "We always are trying to maximize our productivity. I'm always looking for technology or some way to help us improve both our productivity and our safety and IntelliFlowRx delivers on both."

About ForHealth

Founded in 1998, ForHealth Technologies delivers 21st century technology combined with professional support to uniquely enable hospital pharmacies to stay ahead of the growing challenges faced in preparing injectable medications. ForHealth Technologies solutions deliver quantum-leap improvements in key I.V. room performance metrics: accuracy, patient safety, clinician safety, speed, cost reduction, and regulatory compliance. ForHealth Technologies: Innovating for Your I.V. Room's Future(TM).

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SOURCE: ForHealth Technologies