October 30, 2008

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Signs Multi-Suite Lawson Software Contract

Lawson Software (Nasdaq: LWSN) today announced that Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital licensed the Lawson Human Resource Management Suite along with the Lawson S3 Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Financial Management and Enterprise Performance Management Suites. The hospital will use the Lawson solutions to help eliminate manual administrative processes, improve decision making and simplify budgeting and planning. The contract was signed during Lawson's first quarter of fiscal 2009, which ended Aug. 31, 2008.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital is a 600-bed hospital specializing in cardiac care and transplantation, cancer care, emergency medicine, pediatrics and maternal-fetal medicine. As the principal teaching hospital of UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the hospital employs 1,300 physicians and surgeons.

The hospital will use the Lawson applications to help automate formerly paper-based processes and improve access to information across departments to promote more accurate budgeting and planning.

"Lawson will help us standardize business processes on a single system and simplify data access so we can better manage our operations," said Robert Irwin, chief information officer for Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

Lawson Business Intelligence, part of the Lawson S3 Enterprise Performance Management Suite, also will help the hospital promote more effective decision making by proactively alerting managers to issues, such as a potential supply shortage, in time for them to take action.

"Hospitals need affordable business systems to help them control costs and improve productivity so they can pursue their patient care mission," said Nam Vo, vice president of global healthcare strategy for Lawson. "Our applications are proven to help healthcare providers simplify administration and address strategic spend management, especially given today's economic conditions and continual pressures on doing more with less."

Lawson serves more than 500 healthcare industry customers representing more than 4,500 facilities, including eight of the top 10 integrated delivery networks. The company also serves managed care systems, academic medical centers, hospitals, clinics, physician group practices, home healthcare, long-term care and other health services enterprises. Lawson solutions help healthcare organizations manage their business so they can focus on their patients, automate and streamline materials management for a better bottom line, and overcome the challenges of the labor shortage.

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