October 30, 2008

digiMedical Solutions, Inc. Rolls Out Easy-to-Use, Next Generation Prescription Software and Call Center Services for Cardiologist Dr. Barry Schiff

digiMedical Solutions, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: DGMS) today announced that the Company has rolled out its next generation prescription handling software and unique prescription reauthorization call center services for cardiologist Dr. Barry Schiff of the University Heart Institute in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

digiMedical's Next Generation Prescription Handling Software

digiMedical provides an easy-to-use, digital prescription toolset to both doctors and pharmacies to streamline the prescription process. Doctors use a handheld device or desktop computer to easily and quickly 'write' a prescription, which is then securely transmitted directly to the pharmacy of the patient's choosing. The medication and pharmacy choices are all preloaded in the system, customized to the doctor's location and needs. The software meets all HIPAA and DEA requirements and helps protect both the doctor and pharmacist from errors caused by difficult-to-read handwritten prescriptions and the risk of illegally duplicated prescriptions and fraudulent prescriptions.

Pharmacies that also use the digiMedical software will receive the prescription quickly and securely, with all pertinent patient information, allowing the pharmacy to pre-fill the prescription prior to the patient's arrival at the pharmacy and better track and forecast pharmaceutical supply needs. Other pharmacies, not yet using digiMedical software, receive the prescription via secure fax.

To learn more about the software's robust features, please contact the company at [email protected] or 1-877-450-8181. The software is compatible with most medical office software and is easy to install and learn to use.

digiMedical's Prescription reauthorization Call Center Services

Additionally, digiMedical manages prescription refills for physicians' offices and clinics through the Company's unique digiReauth software and call center services. Doctors can significantly reduce their own staff's prescription re-authorization workload by outsourcing it to digiMedical's call center, freeing their staff up to focus on patient care.

More Information on Digitally Secure, End-to-End Prescription Handling

digiMedical's leading edge, digitally secure prescription handling software, which is currently in use in doctors' offices, clinics, and pharmacies in Naples, Ft. Meyers, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and in Dallas, Texas, is now available for implementation nationwide. If you are a doctor or pharmacist interested in learning more about digiMedical's software, or implementing the Company's proprietary technology in your office, clinic or pharmacy, please contact the Company at [email protected] or 1-877-450-8181.

To be added to digiMedical's corporate e-mail list for shareholders and interested investors or to request additional information about the Company, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

About digiMedical Solutions, Inc.(TM)

digiMedical Solutions, Inc.(TM) (www.digimedical.com) is a pharmacy and medical technology company focused on developing next generation digital medical technology with an emphasis on digital prescriptions (d-Prescriptions) that will more closely align the doctor, pharmacist and patient. The Company's digital prescription handling software captures and transmits prescriptions digitally from the physician's office to the pharmacy, securely and in compliance with all DEA and HIPAA requirements. The suite of software includes digiRX, digiRxStream, digiReauth, digiRxComp, and digiAccounting.

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