November 3, 2008

Examine in Detail China’s Pharmaceutical Market and Health Care Reform

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Pharmaceutical Market and Health Care Reform in China 2008" report to their offering.

With total pharmaceutical production reaching RMB 648.9bn. in 2007, the Chinese pharmaceutical market has continued to maintain a two-digit growth dynamics. On the other hand, there remain a number of issues to be addressed before meeting the world standards. Over the past several years, the Chinese government has intensified its efforts to resolve the issues associated with intellectual property, drug quality, and briberies. One of the biggest ongoing issues is the national healthcare reform intended for universal health insurance coverage. The Chinese government initiated a preliminary implementation of basic health insurance for urban residents in July 2007, adopting a wide range of new policies including "Separation of dispensing and prescribing functions", "Implementation of Government-defined unified prices of essential drugs", "Improvement of drug approval process as well as drug distribution system", and "Intensification of environmental protection measures", etc.

Key Topics Covered:

I. Summary of Findings

- Size of Pharmaceuticals Related Market in China

- Characteristics of each market sector

- Highlights of 2007 pharmaceutical market in China

- Improvement and standardization of market order

- Major regulatory rules issued in 2007

- Chinese government's approach to achieving universal health insurance coverage

II. Trends of Chinese pharmaceuticals Related Market, 2007

- Value of pharmaceutical production industry

- Total revenues of pharmaceutical sectors

- Recovery of accounts receivable

- Profits

- Sales

- Retail Market

- Sales posted by the third category of retail offices*1 exhibiting a sharp rise

- Imports and exports

III. Factors impacting China's Pharmaceutical Sectors in 2008

- Summary

- Macroeconomic factors

- Completion of the first step of the government policy for the improvement and standardization of market order

- Healthcare Reform Proposal

- Separation of dispensing and prescribing function

- Establishment of the basic drug system

- Pricing policy

- Tendering-based pharmaceutical purchases

- Environmental protection

- Reduction of the Export Tax Refund Rates (EVRRs) for APIs

- Increase in API prices

- Industry structural changes associated with the merger boom in China's pharmaceutical industry

IV. 2008 Forecast of Pharmaceuticals-related Market

- Quantitative analysis

- Qualitative analysis

V. Pharmaceutical Companies

- Top 100 pharmaceutical companies in China

- Sino-foreign joint venture companies

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