November 3, 2008

PatientsLikeMe Report Indicates MS Patients Still Positive for Tysabri Following July Announcement of PML Cases

PatientsLikeMe, the leading online community for patients with life-changing conditions, announces the release of its newest PatientsLikeMeListen(TM) report: "Did the July 2008 PML announcement affect the Tysabri brand?" Among its findings, the report reveals that patients retained an overall positive perception of the Tysabri brand despite the July 2008 announcement of two additional PML cases.

"In light of last week's announcement of an additional case of PML in a Tysabri patient, we felt it appropriate to release this report to give patients a voice in this discussion," states David S. Williams III, one of the founding executives at PatientsLikeMe and co-author of the report. "With patients becoming more influential in their treatment decisions, this report gives insight into how patients may interpret this newest PML announcement."

PatientsLikeMe performed a sentiment analysis on its community of more than 8,500 MS patients. The analysis compares the three weeks following the July PML announcement (August 1 through August 21, 2008) with the 33 weeks prior to the announcement (ending July 31, 2008). As part of the analysis, discussion posts on PatientsLikeMe's forum were designated positive, negative, both positive and negative, or neutral based on the subject of the post, efficacy, safety, or tolerability.

Some key findings of the report:

 1.    Patients retained an overall positive view of Tysabri in the three       weeks following the announcement of PML cases 2.    Open and honest communication of the PML cases by Biogen did not       adversely affect patient perceptions of the Tysabri brand 3.    Safety concerns dominated conversation following the announcement       but didn't lead to a negative perception 4.    The benefit/risk ratio of Tysabri continues to be a main part of       patient discussions about the medication 

The report includes full demographics on patients who discussed Tysabri including age, gender, length of time taking Tysabri, number of individuals currently taking Tysabri or discontinued, and other measures.

To get a complete copy of the PatientsLikeMeListen(TM) report, "Did the July 2008 PML announcement affect the Tysabri brand?" contact Lori Scanlon at [email protected] or call 617.499.4003.

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