November 3, 2008

Bristol-Myers Squibb to Award $1.4 Million for Hepatitis Awareness in Asia

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation have announced plans to award $1.4 million in grants focused on hepatitis C prevention and education and the mitigation of the disease in four Asian countries.

The grants are part of Delivering Hope, an umbrella program for Bristol-Myers Squibb's efforts in the areas of hepatitis awareness, prevention and care. A total of five grants will be awarded, including four individual country grants of $250,000 to support two-year projects in China, India, Taiwan and Thailand, and one multi-country grant of $400,000 to support a collaborative, integrative two-year project involving two or more of these countries.

The Foundation will award grants to universities, health centers or established nonprofit and non-governmental organizations for projects focused on improvement of hepatitis C screening, blood transfusion practices and risk reduction services; implementation and maintenance of infection-control practices within the health care setting; hepatitis C education for lay or community-based health workers; or improvement of prevention methods and determination of risk factors for infection and disease transmission patterns.

According to the company, the grant recipients should have a detailed plan of evaluation and reportable outcomes and must prepare a comprehensive final report at the completion of their projects to enhance the body of knowledge on hepatitis prevention, care and support.

John Damonti, president of Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, said: "The grant program in Asia builds on our expertise in addressing health disparities to help coordinate the response to hepatitis in countries where the need is greatest."