November 3, 2008

GlobalFit to Industry: How Gyms Can Encourage Non-Gym Activity

With their complicated equipment and perfectly sculpted "regulars," fitness clubs can be intimidating to those who could benefit most from exercise. But that's about to change, if one industry executive has anything to say about it.

"The fitness industry has a great deal of evolution ahead if it is going to serve a large percentage of the population well," Frank Napolitano told ILAM Conference attendees, an international group of fitness leaders gathered for the annual meeting of the Irish leisure industry trade group.

The President and CEO of GlobalFit, a leading provider of healthy living benefits in the U.S., Napolitano observed that, "As an industry, we must learn to get out of our own way if we are to be truly successful in the mission of getting people fit and healthy." To help us do that, Napolitano advised the path of least resistance -- helping people gradually add activity to their everyday routines. And GlobalFit's latest offering, Destination: You, does just that.

To be offered to consumers through both fitness centers and worksites, Destination: You combines validated activity tracking with an educational, motivational web interface designed to encourage increased daily activity among sedentary Americans.

The program's innovative centerpiece is the activity tracker, which is poised to make pedometers a thing of the past. Using cutting edge technology, the tiny activity tracker clips to a shoe to accurately count steps, effectively distinguishing walking from running and other activities and calculating the distance travelled by each user.

Data collected by the tracker uploads effortlessly (like the electronic payment systems that speed cars through toll booths) to Destination: You's fun, travel-themed website. The site features easy-to-read reports as well as community boards, educational articles, fitness calculators, and motivation and guidance from fitness icon Kathy Smith.

Napolitano said that Destination: You was designed for "the Middle 60%," the majority of the population who are "neither fitness enthusiasts nor stubbornly inactive.""The most meaningful result for this group is a lowering of their risk of illness or injury," he continued. "Once we accept that not everyone wants the results you can get with a personal trainer, we can succeed in our mission -- to serve everyone who wants to exercise."

Napolitano's comments were part of his address to the ILAM 2008 Conference and Exposition, held at Limerick's Hilton Hotel last month.

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