November 4, 2008

AssureImmune, An Adult Stem Cell Collection and Preservation Company, Announces Strategic Alliance With Age Management Medical Services Leader

AssureImmune LLC, a company specializing in collecting and preserving adult stem cells, today announced a strategic alliance with leading age management company, Cenegenics. The alliance pairs Cenegenics, a pioneer in age management medical services, with AssureImmune, a leading player in adult stem cell banking with strategic positioning in the rapidly burgeoning stem cell therapy market.

With both companies sharing a common goal of educating the health-conscious individual about being proactive with medical choices in order to live a longer, better life, the alliance enables Cenegenics to broaden its services by adding adult stem cell collection and banking to its network of physicians and medical institutes, and ultimately to their patient base, while expanding AssureImmune's market education and reach.

"People need to know that stem cells age just as we do, and thus it is critically important for individuals -- regardless of age -- to bank while they are healthy," noted Connie Araps, Ph.D., AssureImmune Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development. "That is why we at AssureImmune are excited about teaming up with Cenegenics, the cornerstone of age management medical services."

Cenegenics provides age management medical services that include thorough patient histories, physical examinations, laboratory analyses, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and focus on exercise, nutrition and hormone optimization to prolong healthy living and prevent chronic illnesses.

AssureImmune focuses on enabling its clients, and now those of Cenegenics, to have the resources for advanced preventative medicine by being proactive throughout one's life and about optimizing vitality and personal health. It is the only stem cell bank in the world that uses state-of-the-art automated equipment to collect, test and preserve stem cells from newborn cord blood, and the blood of older children and adults. These adult stem cells are banked for use in personalized immunological and regenerative therapies to sustain vitality and treat disease.

"Adult stem cell transplants from bone marrow or cord blood have been used by physicians for more than 40 years to treat debilitating conditions like leukemia, anemias, and immune system dysfunctions, and the benefits of adult stem cell therapies increase daily," said Araps. Today, there are thousands of clinical trials currently underway in the U.S. with more than 700 of these trials in Phase III for adult stem cells therapies for the treatment of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, orthopedic conditions, etc.

"Stem cell therapies are becoming mainstream," added Araps, "and so together with Cenegenics, we have a unique opportunity to conveniently provide their clients with collection and banking services that can extend good health and vitality throughout their lives."

The strategic alliance announcement precedes the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) annual conference to be held November 6-9, 2008 at the Red Rock Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. AssureImmune's Dr. Araps is presenting a seminar at the conference on "Adult Stem Cell Clinical Applications for Age Management Medicine" to age management physicians interested in adding stem cell therapy to their practice. For more information on the conference or registration, please visit

About AssureImmune

AssureImmune - a science-based adult stem cell preservation leader - provides its clients with private stem cell collection and preservation medical services worldwide. The company specializes in collecting, testing, and banking an individual's own healthy adult stem cells from the peripheral blood of children (children must weigh more than 80 lbs. to collect) and adults and from the cord blood of new born infants. AssureImmune works to assure that the client's adult and cord blood stem cells will always be available for future use sustaining life and battling disease. The company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. For more information about AssureImmune LLC, please call 1-888-3immune (346-6883) or visit the website at