November 7, 2008

Aldagen and UC Davis Form Collaboration

Aldagen, a biopharmaceutical company developing proprietary regenerative cell therapies, and UC Davis Health System have announced that they will collaborate to explore the activity of Aldagen's unique adult stem cell population in a preclinical model of ischemic stroke.

Aldagen will be collaborating with Martha O'Donnell, a professor of physiology and membrane biology, and with Jan Nolta, director of the new UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures - a facility supported by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

UC Davis could begin participating in clinical trials using adult stem cells by the end of 2009, the company said.

Ms Nolta said: "We're planning to have some of our key laboratories in the stem cell institute's new building up and running by late 2009. Those facilities will play a key role in enabling us to advance cellular therapies for treatments of numerous life-threatening diseases."