November 11, 2008

RevGenetics Launches Sirtuin Skin – Proven Revitalization Using Resveratrol

RevGenetics (, at the forefront of developing uncommonly effective products using common herbal ingredients, unveils Sirtuin Skin, a resveratrol powered skin care cream. Sirtuin Skin is a resveratrol cream with proven peptides that revitalizes and moisturizes, making skin look and feel younger, longer. Derived from varying sources, including certain red grape skins, resveratrol is considered most beneficial for a broad range of age related conditions because of its powerful Sirtuin activity.

"Sirtuins have shown efficacy in preclinical models for metabolic, neurodegenerative and inflammatory issues(a) as well as protecting cells against reactive oxygen species, DNA damage, and premature cell death; we believe that these are just three of the powerful skin care benefits offered by resveratrol in Sirtuin Skin," said Anthony Loera, president of RevGenetics. Resveratrol is one of four powerful skin rejuvenating ingredients of Sirtuin Skin that make this skin care system unique and effective at protecting skin cells, eliminating lines, moisturizing and maintaining skin looking young.

The best skin creams on the market contain Idebenone, prized for its antioxidant properties. Recent studies show resevratol is 17 times more effective for skin care uses. Even more impressive, the Sirtuin cream is thought to have environmental protection properties Idebenone lacks.

"We know elements in the compound control cell function and therefore, indirectly, genes. That may be the genesis of resveratrol's unique power," Loera said. Whatever the precise function, the antioxidant results are beyond question.

Often powder forms of the compound are composed of particles that are simply too large to be useful. That's why RevGenetics proprietary micronized resveratrol is so important. Through the use of proven skin peptides that improve skin appearance and work at the cellular level, Sirtuin Skin is able to use its small resveratrol particles effectively.

Sirtuin Skin's special ingredients give it unique properties that put it on the cutting edge of skin care science. To investigate more on resveratrol's power and proven ingredients visit

About RevGenetics

RevGenetics, is an herbal company focused on providing and developing small molecule herbal products for overall health based on the resveratrol red wine molecule, and Astral Fruit, an herbal telomerase product. RevGenetics prides itself in providing independently tested herbal products, as well as marketing and distributing unique health and nutritional supplements and products. RevGenetics currently provides the only 1000mg herbal resveratrol capsule available and is also the only provider of bulk micronized resveratrol powder on the market, the skin care power behind Sirtuin Skin.

(a) these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.