November 11, 2008

TorreyPines Sells Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Program to Eisai

TorreyPines Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company, has agreed to sell its Alzheimer's disease genetics research program to Eisai for an upfront cash payment.

TorreyPines and Eisai have collaborated on the genetics program since 2002, with the most recent agreement between the parties concluding on September 30, 2008. The Alzheimer's disease genetics research program focused on the discovery of Alzheimer's disease targets using whole-genome family-based association screening.

The genetics program is one of two TorreyPines discovery programs focused on Alzheimer's disease, the other being a gamma secretase modulator (GSM) program. Recently, a lead compound from the GSM program has been shown to reduce plaque load and Abeta peptide levels in the brains of Tg2576 Alzheimer's disease model mice after seven months of oral dosing. TorreyPines is currently seeking a partner for this program.

Ev Graham, acting CEO of TorreyPines Therapeutics, said: "We are pleased to announce the sale of our genetics program to our long-time partner, Eisai. The sale of this asset furthers our transition to a development-only company and enables us to focus our resources on advancing our clinical stage assets - tezampanel, NGX426 and NGX267."