November 13, 2008

Natrol Supplements Help Consumers De-Stress, Digest, And Rest During the Hectic Holidays

Natrol, Inc., a premier marketer, manufacturer, and distributor of nationally branded nutritional products, knows that the hectic holidays can cause consumers stress due to mood swings and stress, unhealthy eating, obligations, time constraints, and general lack of exercise and sleep. This year's holiday season may be more stressful for many Americans due to the current business and economic climate negatively affecting finances.

These factors may contribute to an unhealthy body and mind, and possibly weight gain. However, the following Natrol products may help combat these symptoms, offering a De-Stress, Digest, And Rest solution to the challenge of staying happily healthy over the holidays:

-- DE-STRESS: Stressful lifestyles and dietary practices during the holidays may negatively alter the body's serotonin metabolism, which can cause irritability and emotional eating. Natrol(R) Mood Positive(TM) 5-HTP is an advanced formula that can help reduce anxiety, boost feelings of happiness and well-being, and assist mood for a more positive attitude. This supplement has B vitamins, Theanine, and 5-HTP, a drug-free, plant-derived source of an amino acid that naturally enhances mood by balancing the body's serotonin -- the chemical messenger affecting emotions, behavior, appetite, thought, and sleep. Taken regularly, 5-HTP can support relaxation, a more positive outlook, and greater appetite control. Also, Theanine, extracted from green tea leaves, helps with non-drowsy relaxation and calmness (50 vegetarian tablets for $19.99)(1);

-- DIGEST: Consumers can still enjoy their favorite carbohydrate-rich holiday foods without guilt or weight gain worries by using the new and improved Natrol(R) Carb Intercept(R) as part of a healthy diet and exercise plan. This supplement contains a proprietary white bean extract called Phase 2(R) Carb Controller that neutralizes carbs to assist in weight control(2). This formula also has Foodbound(TM) Chromium to help metabolize fats and proteins for energy. Also, in instances when consumers may overeat, Natrol(R) Papaya Enzyme can help relieve indigestion naturally (60 capsules for $20.99)(1); and,

-- REST: Consumers want to look and feel their best at holiday parties. One way to do this is by getting much-needed "beauty rest," which can be a challenge with all the holiday deadlines, commitments, and "hustle-and-bustle" stress and excitement. Natrol(R) Melatonin Time Release (3mg) provides melatonin, the body's natural sleep hormone, in a convenient drug-free sleep aid for relief of occasional insomnia. This supplement can be taken for a good night's sleep, to help consumers fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night (100 tablets for $7.49)(1).

Dr. Michael Yatcilla, Natrol's VP of Research and Development, says: "To beat the holiday blues, take time for yourself while also maintaining a nutritious diet, healthy exercise, stress relief, and sleep. These health basics are especially important in stressful times, and Natrol's products can assist immunity and overall physical and mental health."

Natrol also offers the following "happy healthy hints" to help consumers achieve a quest to be their best with wellness during the holidays (and beyond!):

-- DO maintain healthful habits, such as eating nutritious meals...pick foods to stabilize your blood sugar, as opposed to sugary holiday sweets and high-fat/carb snacks;

-- DON'T overindulge...overeating can add to your stress and guilt, and can contribute to a poor self-image and lowered self-esteem. It can also lead to indigestion;

-- DO avoid or limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a depressant and depletes the brain's serotonin, a chemical that maintains normal mood;

-- DON'T skip sleep...stress disturbs sleep, and lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Try to unwind early in the evening, and cut down on stimulants such as caffeine and chocolate, especially in the afternoon and at nighttime;

-- DO enjoy the comfort and company of loved ones. Family and friends can help lift spirits during the long as you don't overdo it;

-- DON'T forget to give yourself the gift of "me time"...spend time alone to take a breather from all the excitement. Find a quiet spot to relax, relieve stress, and recharge; and,

-- DO something altruistic by caring for those less fortunate than you...the holidays are a perfect time to give back to your community through charity work and volunteering to help others in need.

Natrol products are offered by U.S. health food, drug and grocery stores, mass-market retailers,, and other online retailers. Natrol also offers a free Nutrition Club for consumers to join. More information is available from or by calling 1-800-2-NATROL (1-800-262-8765).

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Natrol, Inc. has a portfolio of health and wellness brands representing quality nutritional supplements, functional herbal teas, and sports nutrition products. Established in 1980, Natrol's portfolio of brands includes: Natrol(R), MRI, Prolab(R), BioSil(R), Laci Le Beau(R), Promensil(R), Trinovin(R), Nu Hair(R), and Shen Min(R). The company also manufactures supplements for its own brands and on behalf of third parties.

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