November 13, 2008

Dr. Ralph Snyderman Receives Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to Prospective and Personalized Health Care

Proventys Inc., a healthcare technology company committed to advancing personalized medicine at the point of care, today announced that founder Dr. Ralph Snyderman received Frost & Sullivan's 2008 North American Healthcare Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the field of personalized medicine. Dr. Snyderman accepted the award Wednesday at the 2008 Excellence in Healthcare Innovation Awards Banquet in San Antonio, Texas.

Chancellor Emeritus of Duke University, Dr. Snyderman was honored for his innovative work around prospective medicine, a proactive, predictive and personalized approach to patient care. Serving as the first President and Chief Executive Officer of the Duke University Health System, Dr. Snyderman helped create one of the first fully integrated academic health systems in the country, now recognized internationally as a model for academic medicine. During his 15 year tenure at Duke, Dr. Snyderman also served as the Chancellor for Health Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine. In 2004, Dr. Snyderman expanded his vision with the establishment of Proventys, a developer of predictive clinical technologies that enable a more personalized approach to healthcare delivery.

"I am honored to have been selected the recipient of Frost & Sullivan's 2008 North American Healthcare Lifetime Achievement Award. The U.S. healthcare system has focused much of its efforts on treatment of late-stage chronic disease, a costly and inefficient method that fails to take advantage of emerging technologies that enable a more personalized, predictive and preventive approach to medicine," said Dr. Snyderman. "It is my belief that through prospective approaches to care, we have the unique opportunity to reshape a flawed healthcare system to focus on personalized health promotion and disease prevention thereby improving quality and significantly lowering healthcare costs."

About Proventys

Proventys, Inc. is a healthcare technology company committed to advancing personalized medicine through validated predictive diagnostics delivered at the point of care. Through its proprietary software platform, Proventys is harnessing the power of clinical and genetic data to provide physicians with predictive tools within the normal clinical workflow. This breakthrough ultimately enables a more personalized, proactive approach to healthcare delivery that results in higher quality care and better outcomes for patients. For more information, visit