November 13, 2008

UPMC and GE Healthcare Partner to Develop International Oncology Centers

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has announced collaboration with GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company, to develop cancer centers internationally.

This effort will provide the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's (UPMC's) cancer expertise to patients now lacking such care. GE Healthcare will provide and service all the medical equipment that it is capable of supplying to these facilities.

As part of this collaboration GE Healthcare will conduct assessments to determine which markets are most appropriate for cancer centers. Key factors will include the availability of a suitable local partner, regulatory requirements and patient volumes.

Once a market is selected, UPMC will negotiate definitive agreements and take responsibility with local partners for the construction, ownership and operation of the centers. These new facilities are expected to be comprehensive cancer centers that include medical and surgical oncology, radiation, and ancillary radiology and laboratory services.

UPMC's collaboration with GE is said to be part of the health system's larger strategy of commercializing its medical, technology and management expertise for the benefit of patients. The goal of these ventures is to create new revenue to support UPMC's mission of providing patient care and research.

Charles Bogosta, president of the international and commercial services division of UPMC, said: "By working with global partners such as GE Healthcare, UPMC will be able to bring the most advanced cancer care more quickly to more patients internationally, who now often wait months for access to advanced treatments. We expect to develop at least 25 cancer centers in Europe and the Middle East over the next decade."