November 14, 2008

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Addresses Magellan Health Services Clinical Leadership Team

Magellan Health Services, Inc., the nation's leading manager of behavioral health care, hosted former First Lady Rosalynn Carter at the company's annual conference of its clinical and medical leadership team held in Atlanta earlier this week. Carter, who for nearly 40 years has been a driving force in advocating for mental health care education and reform, offered her views on the state of mental health care in the United States.

Through her work at The Carter Center--a not-for-profit institution that she co-founded with former President Jimmy Carter--the former first lady has been instrumental in bringing together stakeholder groups across the country to address mental health issues. Magellan has been named a Health and Peace partner with the Carter Center in recognition of its support for the Center's Mental Health Program initiatives which are designed to advance the treatment and recovery of those who live with mental illnesses.

"I applaud Magellan for the great work you do in my home state of Georgia and across the country," Carter said. "I've been working on mental health issues most of my life--it's become a part of me. Although we've come a long way, we still need to fill the gap between what we know about these illnesses and what we do. As a nation, it's critical that we continue to focus on combating stigma, addressing mental illnesses in children and the elderly, integrating medical and behavioral health care, advancing prevention and early intervention services, and promoting recovery."

"It was an honor to host Mrs. Carter at Magellan's annual clinical excellence conference," said Rene Lerer, M.D., president and chief executive officer of Magellan. "She has been a beacon of hope for persons with mental illness and a strong advocate for nearly four decades. We share Mrs. Carter's passion for improving the nation's mental health care system and are proud to take an active role in that effort by continuing to develop and offer innovative ways to reach and engage individuals with mental illnesses and their family members so they can lead healthy, productive lives in their communities."

Carter's address was in conjunction with a three-day clinical leadership conference Magellan hosted this week to exchange organizational and industry best practices. A video of her remarks is posted on the company's Web site,, in the "Spotlight" section.

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About The Carter Center: The Carter Center, located in Atlanta, Ga., is a private, not-for-profit institution founded by former President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter in 1982 dedicated to improving the quality of life for people at home and in the developing world through programs in health, democracy and development, and urban revitalization. For more information, visit