December 5, 2008

Women think more about skin than love life

Many women say they can never be too rich or too thin but a U.S. survey indicates what women really want is to appear younger.

A survey conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by ZO Skin Health reveals, on average, that women would be willing to spend more on a facial care system that would make them look 10 years younger than they would on a diet program that would make them lose 10 pounds.

The survey of 1,131 U.S. adult women found that even in a time when many women have cut back on discretionary spending, they are willing to spend on a facial care system that they believe will be effective at making their skin look younger and healthier.

Results, results, results. At the end of the day, that's all that matters. Women are fed up with products that don't work, that make empty promises and bogus claims, Dr. Zein Obagi, a dermatologist and creator of ZO Skin Health, said in a statement. What counts are the active ingredients and their concentrations.

The ZO Skin Health survey revealed that women think about the health and condition of their skin more often than they think about their love life. Forty-three percent said they think about the health of their skin always or often, which is more often than they think about their relationship status -- 39 percent -- or cardiovascular health -- 33 percent.

The survey was conducted Aug. 1-5.