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Quantros Patient Safety Center Receives Certification as a Patient Safety Organization (PSO)

December 8, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ — Quantros, a leading provider of
safety, quality, and compliance solutions for the healthcare industry, today
announced that the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has granted
initial certification to Quantros Patient Safety Center as a Patient Safety
Organization (PSO). The listing can be viewed at
http://www.pso.ahrq.gov/listing/psolist.htm. The Quantros Patient Safety Center
is a new division within Quantros that is specifically focused on review of
safety processes, data analytics, and provision of associated knowledge content
and complementary services to support healthcare providers using Quantros as a
PSO to better address patient safety. Supporting healthcare providers in the
improvement of safety and quality initiatives is in complete alignment with the
mission and goals of the organization for more than nine years. Today more than
2,000 healthcare providers use one or more Quantros solutions for improving
safety and quality within their care environment.

In addition to the Quantros Patient Safety Center, Quantros also supports
other entities acting as a PSO with Quantros Patient Safety Organization (PSO)
Manager, a streamlined, Web-based application that will enable PSOs to
seamlessly aggregate required Common Format (CM) for event data as well as
additional safety data for use as a confidential Patient Safety Work Product
(PSWP). Just as with The Joint Commission ORYX Core Measures program, Quantros
has chosen to act as both a technology provider and a PSO.

Dr. Sanjaya Kumar, Quantros President and CEO commented, “Quantros is in
business to assist healthcare providers in advancing safety and quality
improvement initiatives. The Quantros Patient Safety Center was created to
further that cause for healthcare providers who want to leverage both Quantros
and associated partner expertise. In addition, PSO vendors utilizing Quantros
PSO Manager can avail of the services and content infrastructure and make that
available to their members.”

The Quantros Patient Safety Center will provide complete support per the PSO
regulations including the aggregation, protection and dissemination of
information including submissions and comparative reports via the Network of
Patient Safety Databases (NPSD) as well as the aggregated, PHI de-identified
Quantros Patient Safety Center data repository. This new division will provide a
host of clinically-based services and analysis specifically designed for
improving safety within the healthcare environment.

Additional information concerning the Quantros Patient Safety Center can be
viewed at http://www.quantros.com/qpsc.

About Quantros

Quantros provides real-time solutions for safety and risk management,
outcomes and performance monitoring, accreditation and compliance, and
surveillance and decision support for leading healthcare providers throughout
the nation. Quantros’ web delivered applications provide a standard platform
that creates actionable knowledge that helps its clients save lives, improve
quality, and conserve assets. Through a variety of direct sales and vendor
partners, more than 2,000 healthcare facilities use Quantros’ web-based
technology solutions every day.

Quantros team members include physicians, nurses and healthcare
professionals as well as an experienced team of information technology
specialists. Visit Quantros on the web at http://www.quantros.com.

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