Trimma(TM) Now Available in the United States for People Looking for a Delicious Way to Control Their Calories

December 11, 2008

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ — DreamPak Nutritional Supplements
has developed a new revolutionary appetite and weight control snack called
Trimma(TM). Trimma(TM) not only helps consumers suppress their desire to eat
and reduce their food intake, it also promotes feelings of fullness so that
consumers can eat less but still feel satisfied. Additionally, Trimma(TM)
comes in an indulgent chocolate flavor making it easier for consumers to
satisfy their chocolate and sweet cravings.

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How Trimma(TM) Works

Trimma(TM) contains only safe and clinically-proven appetite-reducing
ingredients. These ingredients are 100% natural and do not have the side
effects that are known to be associated with many weight loss products on the

Each individual Trimma(TM) chocolate soft chew contains two
clinically-tested ingredients, PinnoThin(TM) and Slendesta(R). PinnoThin(TM)
stimulates the production of hunger-eliminating hormones in the body,
signaling feelings of fullness to the brain. Slendesta(R) enhances and extends
the release of hunger-eliminating hormones.

“Trimma(TM) works to reduce food cravings and satisfy hunger,” said Waleed
, Account Manager of DreamPak. “Its ability to suppress your desire to
eat and help reduce caloric intake really places Trimma(TM) at the pinnacle of
the appetite-control industry. Unlike other ingredients which only claim to
reduce hunger or help control appetite,” Gamay explained, “there are published
clinical studies which demonstrated PinnoThin’s(TM) ability to suppress the
desire to eat by promoting levels of CCK and GLP1.”

Consumers demand choice

“We’ve seen a shift in consumers’ attitudes toward diet as well as health
and wellness, with more consumers seeking product choices that support active
lifestyles,” said Waleed Gamay. “Trimma(TM) is a great-tasting appetite
suppressant that offers an alternative to just taking pills or capsules. The
big benefit is that people can place it easily in their purses or computer
bags. Consumers are more and more on the go and want a convenient, great-
tasting supplement to take with them during the day that can support their
weight loss activities.”

For more information about Trimma(TM) visit http://www.mytrimma.com.

About DreamPak

DreamPak is a leading innovator in the Nutritional Supplement industry
that offers an alternative to traditional health supplements. Using their
patent-pending liquid and gel delivery systems, DreamPak has been able to
offer consumers great-tasting and easy-to-use Nutritional Supplements in
Single-Dose form. DreamPak has developed supplements for a variety of
nutritional applications such as Vitamin & Minerals, Health & Beauty, Joint
Care and Weight Loss, and hopes to expand their unique technology to
pharmaceutical products in the near future.


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