School Bus Mechanics Turn to a Beauty Product to Get Them Back to Work

December 17, 2008

CHARLESTON, S.C., Dec. 17 /PRNewswire/ — Life can be painful and
unsightly for the men who work fixing the buses for school children in
Florence, South Carolina. Bleeding, cracked, dry hands have actually forced
these men to be laid off from work. These rough and tough guys, employed by
the Dept. of Transportation, are now talking about a beauty hand creme that
has made it possible to return to work, enjoy their jobs and stop the pain.

According to Jenny Lynn Fogle, Owner of Palmetto Specialty Products in
Columbia, S.C., who works closely with these men, “They have cracked-open
hands, bleeding, chapped to the point they can’t even hold a tool their hands
are so messed up.”

Bill Stubbs, a 30 year bus mechanic from Florence, says, “As a mechanic,
you would think that all that oil and grease on your hands is going to keep
them smooth, but it doesn’t. Our hands are sore and cracked. If it gets real
bad, we miss work.”

Fogle worked with Charleston, S.C. based skin care company, L’Athene,
whose founders are registered nurses and skin care specialists. Together they
developed a protocol for bus shop mechanics in South Carolina, to use products
for their hands, on a trial basis.

“It worked and it worked quickly,” said Fogle. “I was so surprised, and
the men were amazed. You could see a significant difference in their hands
within three days.”

Created by two nurses who worked at Johns Hopkins with burn patients,
L’Athene started as an anti-aging skincare line and has unexpectedly found its
way to create healthy hands for bus mechanics and health care professionals
who frequently handwash. These nurses are nourishing lives in a whole new way.

Now, these mechanics are back to work thanks to the rapid treatment from

Used in numerous hospitals, high-end spas and several department stores,
L’Athene’s all-natural formulations are power-packed with vitamins, minerals,
proteins and fatty acids for extraordinary results. Crafted for purity from
start to finish, without man-made chemicals, resulting in healthy, radiant,
beautiful skin for all skin types, including aging and challenged skin.

For more information: www.lathene.com


Source: newswire

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