Is Echinacea In or Out? Should You Stock Up on Zinc? Why’s the Neti Pot So Hot?

December 30, 2008

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 30 /PRNewswire/ — Echinacea was all the rage 3 years ago,
and zinc lozenges were on everyone’s tongues last year. Which cold and flu
treatments are the “it” products that doctors are recommending now?

RealAge.com, a leading health and wellness site, wants consumers to know
the latest science behind the cold and flu products that line drugstore
shelves. A new sinus center, with an interactive quiz on everything from
echinacea to hand washing, offers visitors the real deal on bolstering
immunity and driving colds and flu away faster.

Let’s say your head is as stuffy as a Victorian tearoom. Should you tough
it out? “When it comes to sinus symptoms, it’s smart to be a wimp,” says Dr.

Michael Roizen, cofounder of RealAge and coauthor of multiple best-selling
books, including YOU: The Owner’s Manual. From postnasal drips and sore
throats to blocked sinuses and facial pain, Roizen breaks down the sinus
symptoms at http://www.realage.com/ct/check-your-health/conditions-and-

For more about neti pots, the role of garlic and ginseng, and other cold
and flu soothers, visit http://www.RealAge.com, or contact Meredith Wade,
RealAge PR, at 858-731-8806.

About RealAge.com

RealAge.com is a healthy-lifestyle Web site that inspires its members to
“Live Life to the Youngest” and to pursue their health and wellness goals by
making their RealAge younger. The site offers the patented RealAge Test, the
most widely used method for measuring overall health, and is the official
online home of the YOU Docs, Michael Roizen, MD, and Mehmet Oz, MD, and their
best-selling RealAge and YOU books. Over 20 million people have measured their
RealAge by taking the RealAge Test and have received a personalized plan to
make their RealAge younger. This leading healthy-lifestyle Web site also
features more than 65 additional health-risk assessments, as well as health
tips and information, all backed by current, valid science. RealAge.com is a
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