December 30, 2008

FixNixer Gives You Five Reasons to Be Tobacco-Free this New Year

Free, anonymous tool helps you quit via online and text messaging support

DENVER, Dec. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- This time of year, everyone is vowing to make changes changes for a healthier, more rewarding life. For those resolving to become tobacco-free, FixNixer is a new quitting tool that helps people to overcome their tobacco addiction anonymously, with effective methods and motivational support.

At, people who are ready to quit smoking or chewing tobacco can sign up for free support with a customized 21-day program that sends timely, motivational messages via e-mail and text messaging.

Five reasons to become tobacco-free with FixNixer:

    1. It's customized. Users fill out a personal profile and identify the
    times when they're most likely to use tobacco. Users also describe
    their motivation for quitting. After they've identified trigger-
    times  such as after meals, with coffee or in the car  users are
    notified with a customized e-mail or text message precisely when
    they need the most support to help them through their cravings.

    2. It helps users set realistic, achievable goals. Every year,
    thousands of tobacco users vow to quit as their New Year's
    resolution. But, they often don't prepare themselves for the
    quitting process or do not know what to expect, which can lead to
    unforeseen obstacles such as dealing with stress and fighting
    cravings. FixNixer encourages users to set a realistic personal quit
    date and then offers motivational support for the first 21 days.

    3. It's convenient. Users can sign up, seek advice and learn from the
    quitting experiences of others. And, they can choose to receive
    their motivational messages via e-mail or text message so they can
    be reached anywhere, anytime  when they need the support most.

    4. It's anonymous. Many tobacco users, especially young people, don't
    want anyone to know they are trying to quit. With FixNixer, people
    can anonymously seek quitting support, or, if they would like
    additional support, FixNixer can notify friends and family of their
    quit attempt.

    5. It's Free. Plus, quitting can save the average Colorado smoker about
    $1,800 per year.

FixNixer is sponsored by the Colorado State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership (STEPP) of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. FixNixer is free to all Colorado residents. For people who would prefer more personal interaction, the Colorado QuitLine offers free telephone coaching and a free supply of the nicotine patch. Operated by National Jewish Health under contract to STEPP, QuitLine provides free telephone and online services to Colorado residents at 1-800-QUIT-NOW or

SOURCE Colorado State Tobacco Education & Prevention Partnership