January 2, 2009

Snowboarding among top sports for injuries

Snowboarding is among the top 10 sport and recreational activities causing injuries to children, U.S. physicians say.

The are injuries severe enough to merit emergency medical attention, say the members of the American College of Emergency Physicians, headquartered in Irving, Texas.

Research indicates that a snowboarder is likely to injure some area of the body every 250 days they spend snowboarding. Dr. Bruce Bonanno, an ACEP member in New Jersey, says in a statement.

Although still relatively rare, serious spinal injuries due to snowboarding, he says, are on the increase.

Most snowboarders don't take professional lessons, but learn from friends or they are self-taught. This can lead to bad habits that can lead to injury, Bonanno says. Play it safe and pay for a few lessons before hitting the slope. A good instructor will also explain to you the importance of safety equipment and how to prevent common injuries.