January 6, 2009

Signs you might need glasses

A U.S. optical company says it wants to clear up confusion about when a person should seek glasses.

Officials at Sterling Optical, based in Garden City, N.Y., compiled guidelines on questions one should ask oneself before visiting an optometrist:

-- Can you see far away objects clearly but find close up ones blurry? You could have hyperopia, or farsightedness. Other symptoms of hyperopia include eyestrain, headaches and excessive blinking.

-- What if your close up vision is fine but your distance vision is less than perfect? Myopia, or nearsightedness, could be to blame. Other symptoms of myopia include difficulty seeing clearly while driving -- particularly at night -- frequent squinting and difficulty seeing writing on signs and television.

-- If you're having difficulty seeing objects both near and far, you could have astigmatism. Other symptoms of astigmatism include inability to work on a computer, watery eyes and eye fatigue.

Though not all vision problems warrant glasses or contact lenses, the American Optometric Association recommends yearly eye exams for both children and adults to keep prescriptions current and effective.