Prosolia and Indigo BioSystems Come Together to Create FireFly(TM) Data Conversion Software for Mass Spectrometers

January 6, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ — Thermo Scientific LTQ mass
spectrometer and Omni Spray (R) Ion Source users now have the capability to
convert their large data sets into file formats compatible with third party
software using FireFly(TM) data conversion software.

FireFly is a software program that extracts and builds data sets from
proprietary data systems using Indigo BioSystems proprietary data conversion
algorithms into file formats compatible with BioMAP, a third party image
visualization and processing software program available for free on the

“Indigo BioSystems is pleased to partner with Prosolia to integrate our
data management and open format technology with their breakthrough imaging
systems. Prosolia’s tools allow scientists to generate unprecedented amounts
of exceptionally valuable data,” says Randy Julian, President and co-founder
of Indigo BioSystems. “Indigo’s tools allow that data to be captured, used and
shared. Together we ensure that imaging mass spectrometry data will have a
significant impact on key decisions in biological R&D.”

FireFly was created in order to visualize the multi-dimensional data sets,
Prosolia’s Omni Spray Ion Source can routinely generate in combination with
the Thermo Scientific LTQ series mass spectrometers equipped with the
Xcalibur(TM) 2.0 data system.

“As Prosolia continues to build upon the Omni Spray Ion Source product and
produce advanced platforms, such as the Omni Spray 2-D, the utilization of
data management and conversion programs will be essential to integrating
Prosolia’s technologies to the variety of instrumentation that is available to
end-users today,” says Justin Wiseman, Prosolia’s Director of Research and
Development. “The release of FireFly(TM) with Indigo BioSystems represents
our commitment to developing reliable and universal research tools for mass
spectrometry that complement our Omni Spray products.”

“The key to Indigo’s approach is to make lab data accessible by combining
open data formats with globally accessible data repositories. Imaging mass
spectrometry represents a special challenge due to the volume and complexity
of a typical data,” says Julian. “Using open formats ensure that image
analysis and processing will be possible regardless of the brand of detector
used with the Prosolia source. Having high performance data interchange
technology means that labs will not be choked by the volume of data generated
in these experiments, and that results can be shared freely with collaborators
and contractors regardless of locale.”

For more information on FireFly or Omni Spray Ion Sources contact Prosolia
at 317.278.6171.

Prosolia, Inc. was established in 2003 to commercialize technology arising
from the laboratory of Professor R. Graham Cooks, Aston Laboratories of Mass
Spectrometry at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. Professor Cooks
and his research team have been innovators in the field of Mass Spectrometry
for many years. Prosolia’s first product line, Omni Spray Ion Source utilizes
the revolutionary ambient ionization technology known as Desorption
Electrospray Ionization (DESI). DESI is a simple, sensitive, gentle, and
versatile ionization method that allows for the direct and rapid sampling of
surfaces without any sample preparation.

Indigo BioSystems is the developer of a new data management infrastructure
for experimental research and especially for work conducted in the
pharmaceutical industry. Indigo’s primary data solution, known as “Rubicon,”
can dramatically increase research scientist productivity and facilitate
accurate, rapid decision-making with complex instrumental methods. Indigo’s
approach is based on technology developed within the pharmaceutical industry
and based on open data formats from international standards bodies. Founded
in 2004, Indigo was incubated by the Ventures group of Eli Lilly & Co. until
early 2006. Indigo is now an independent, privately-held Indiana corporation.

SOURCE Prosolia, Inc.

Source: newswire

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