IPA 7 Introduces Unique Contextual Search and Analysis Capabilities

January 7, 2009

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Ingenuity Systems, the
leading provider of information solutions for life science researchers, today
announced the release of IPA 7 with contextual data analysis. Contextual data
analysis is comprised of a series of powerful biological filters and other
tools that make it easier to quickly understand experimental results and fine-
tune scientific hypotheses in relation to a particular experimental context or

Contextual data analysis enhances IPA’s powerful search and analysis
capabilities by enabling researchers to refine their experimental analyses and
develop scientific hypothesis based on findings that have been demonstrated to
occur in a particular species, cell types, tissues, bio-fluids, biological
processes, cellular functions, chemicals, and disease of interest. For
example, a CNS researcher can run an analysis and identify molecular
interactions and gene to phenotype associations that have specifically been
demonstrated in CNS tissues or cell lines — effectively narrowing the
hypothesis space to those most closely aligned with their experimental model.

Patrick De Boever, Ph.D., Flemish Institute for Technological Research
(VITO), noted, “The new tools in IPA 7 are great for constructing species-
specific biological interaction networks from our toxicogenomics data. This
approach enabled us to reveal molecules that hold potential as blood
biomarkers for neurotoxic effects induced by environmental pollutants.”

Additional features have been added in IPA 7 to support researchers’
workflows including:

    -- microRNA target information
    -- New Reporting Tools
    -- New Signaling Pathways
    -- Additional Chemical Content

About Ingenuity Pathways Analysis

Ingenuity Pathways Analysis is an all-in-one software application that
enables researchers to model, analyze, and understand the complex biological
and chemical systems at the core of life science research. IPA’s search
capabilities provide users with access to the highest quality detail-rich
knowledge available on genes, drugs, chemicals, protein families, cellular and
disease processes, and signaling and metabolic pathways. IPA supports analysis
of data from all experimental platforms, and is used at all stages of the drug
discovery and development process, including target identification and
validation, biomarker discovery, molecular toxicology, metabolomics, and
pharmacogenomics. IPA has been broadly adopted and cited in hundreds of
peer-reviewed journals

About Ingenuity Systems(R)

Ingenuity Systems is a leading provider of information solutions and
custom services for life science researchers, computational biologists and
bioinformaticists, and life science industry suppliers. Our long-term focus on
innovation in semantic search has allowed us to create groundbreaking
technologies that have one common goal — to generate maximum value from all
types of biological and chemical knowledge. Ingenuity offerings leverage the
Ingenuity Knowledge Base, which contains uniquely structured literature
findings that allow scientists to ask complex biological questions and gain
rapid insight into their experimental data or systems of interest. Today,
Ingenuity’s solutions are used by thousands of researchers at hundreds of
leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and government research
institutions worldwide. http://www.ingenuity.com

SOURCE Ingenuity Systems

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