January 7, 2009

Canadians want thin, but spend obese

A survey of Canadians found 76 percent were unhappy with their weight and had good weight loss goals, but their spending habits undermined their intentions.

The Ipsos Reid online poll conducted in November for Herbal Magic Weight Loss and Nutrition Centers asked 2,024 people what they would be willing to give up to improve their weight. The top item was chocolate at 39 percent, followed by alcohol at 32 percent and coffee at 29 percent. Other items included dessert and tropical vacations, the release said.

However, when asked about actual spending habits, on average, Canadians spend only $3.90 a week on fitness and weight loss programs, compared to an average of $22.80 each week on dining out at restaurants and $8.90 per week on cigarettes, the survey showed.

Naturopath Dr. Gerry Derganc said the results were mystifying.

It seems absurd that we'll spend, on average, $144 a month on cigarettes, alcohol, snacks and morning coffee when we're spending so little on fitness and weight loss programs, and yet we continue to be unhappy with our weight, Derganc said.