January 12, 2009

Unborn conjoined twins share single body

A British woman says she will be the first woman in England to give birth to conjoined twins that share one body despite having two heads.

Lisa Chamberlain said despite medical advice and social scrutiny to the contrary, she decided to keep her unborn children and accept their unique physical condition, The Daily Mail said Monday.

Some people might look at me and say 'You're going to give birth to a freak' but I don't care because I feel blessed, the 25-year-old said.

To me, my twins are a gift from God and we're determined to give them their chance of life.

The twins being expected by Chamberlain represent a rarity in the world of human reproduction that can occur when a single egg fails to split completely following conception.

The Mail said after Chamberlain, who unsuccessfully tried for years to become pregnant, gives birth to her newborns, the dicephalus twins will likely only have a 20 percent chance at survival.