Detroit Area Hospitals Seek $75 Million from United American HealthCare Arising out of its Management of the Liquidated OmniCare HMO

January 15, 2009

DETROIT, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ — In a lawsuit pending in Wayne County
Circuit Court arising out of the demise of the Detroit-based OmniCare, a
once-large HMO servicing Medicaid recipients, several major Detroit area
hospitals filed a Brief today in support of their claim for $75 Million in
damages from United American Healthcare, the former manager of the failed HMO,

In their filing, the Provider Creditors Committee consisting of Beaumont
Hospital, Henry Ford Hospital, the Detroit Medical Center, St. John Hospital,
Trinity Health, and Oakwood Hospital, requested that Judge Isidore Torres award damages in the tens of millions of dollars for United’s mismanagement of

In the suit, the hospitals allege that United American Healthcare breached
its management agreement with OmniCare and mismanaged OmniCare, and that
certain officers and directors of United American breached their fiduciary
duties to OmniCare. In the late 1990s, the State of Michigan filed a petition
against OmniCare, putting OmniCare into supervision, then rehabilitation, and,
when it was determined that OmniCare could not be salvaged, then into
liquidation. The State of Michigan’s filings in Lansing asserted that
OmniCare was operating with insufficient capital requirements, in violation of
state law.

During the proceedings in Ingham County Circuit Court, it was determined
that United American Healthcare had not paid many health care providers for
tens of millions of dollars of medical care rendered to OmniCare Medicaid
insureds. Yet, during this same period, United American Healthcare was paid
over $50 million in management fees by OmniCare.

The hospitals’ attorney, Gerard Mantese, of Troy, Michigan, stated that,
“during the liquidation process, the court approved an order allowing the
hospitals to pursue claims against United American HealthCare and various of
its officers and directors for mismanaging OmniCare.”

SOURCE Mantese and Rossman, P.C.

Source: newswire

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