January 17, 2009

Japan records first heart-lung transplant

A medical team in Japan Saturday recorded the country's first successful combined heart-lung transplant operation, hospital officials said.

The patient is a man in his 30s who received the donor organs of another man, also in his 30s, who had been certified as brain dead at a hospital in Kobe. The recipient was in stable condition following the surgery at Osaka University Hospital, Kyodo News Service reported.

The news service said the dead man's hearts and lungs were removed, put in a cooled container and driven in a taxi led by a police escort to the Osaka hospital.

The recipient had been suffering from Eisenmenger's syndrome, a combination of serious heart and lung disorders.

Kyodo said the donor's liver was transplanted into a man in his 50s in Fukuoka, his pancreas and one kidney into a woman in her 40s in Tokyo, and the other kidney into a man in his 50s in Nishinomiya.