January 24, 2009

More British men seeking breast reduction

Doctors say a record number of British men last year sought breast-reduction surgery for man boobs or moobs, as some call them.

Breast-reduction surgery for men rose from 22 operations in 2003 to 224 operations last year, said the Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in Britain.

More men concerned with their physique also are turning to anabolic steroids, with an estimated 179,000 men ages 16-59 having used them in Britain, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

Needle-exchange projects also report more men are using needles to inject steroids for cosmetic reasons rather than for injecting heroin and other illicit intoxicating drugs, the Telegraph reported.

Susie Orbach, who wrote the book Fat is a Feminist Issue, says many men in western society now are obsessed with looking beautiful.

Eating problems and body distress now constitute an ordinary part of everyday life for many people and many families, she said.