Vitals Reports Psychiatrists as America’s ‘Most Searched for Doctor’

February 11, 2009

Analysis of More than 12 Million Online Doctor Searches Indicates That Americans Spend More Time Looking for Psychiatrists than Any Other Type of Doctor

LYNDHURST, N.J., Feb. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Vitals (www.vitals.com), the nation’s leading doctor evaluation web site reported today that psychiatrists topped the list as America’s “most searched for doctor.” The analysis included more than 12 million independent online searches for doctors by specialty made on Vitals over the course of the past year. Following psychiatrists (11.06% of all searches) were obstetricians/gynecologists (9.32%) and cardiologists (6.95%).

“The results of our analysis clearly indicate that people spend significantly more time looking online for psychiatrists than any other type of doctor, making them America’s ‘most searched for doctor’,” said Mitch Rothschild, CEO of Vitals. “With a steady increase in the number of doctor searches over the course of the year, our report also indicates that people are spending more time searching online for doctors across all specialties.”

                       AMERICA'S "MOST SEARCHED FOR" DOCTORS*
                                (By Specialty)

                       Psychiatry                 11.06%
                       Obstetrics &
                       Gynecology                  9.32%
                       Cardiology                  6.95%
                       Pediatrics                  6.46%
                       Orthopedics                 6.45%
                       Oncology                    4.52%
                       Dermatology                 3.74%
                       Endocrinology               3.16%
                       Otolaryngology              2.84%
                       Gastroenterology            2.11%

    *More than 12 million independent searches, compiled by Vitals

About Vitals / MDX Medical Inc.

Vitals (www.vitals.com), an innovative, online doctor evaluation and comparison service from MDX Medical Inc., is the comprehensive source for crucial information, peer evaluations and patient feedback on more than 720,000 doctors nationwide. Providing a free web-based service, Vitals has a revenue model similar to other search engines, including highly targeted advertising on its site.


Source: newswire

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